The kick-off meeting of Zhongye Lighting Group Operation Mode was successfully held in Xihai, Laoshan

(China's lighting network Wang Minxun) "Cooperation and win-win, holding the group to fight the world" Mr. Zhang Jingzhong, general manager of Jiangxi Zhongye Landscape Engineering Installation Co., Ltd., again in the speech of the Zhongye Lighting Group Operation Operation Conference on March 29 A cooperative development concept emphasizes.

With the continuous improvement of people's material living standards and consumer tastes, and the rapid development of LED lighting technology, public lighting facilities such as enterprises, hotels, and commercial buildings have begun to have a wide range of beautification and lighting needs. Landscape lighting is an emerging sunrise industry inspired by this. As the lighting industry leader in Jiangxi Province, the first large-scale LED lighting products manufacturer, Jiangxi Zhongye Landscape Engineering Installation Co., Ltd. has a complete system in management, quality, technology, service, etc., currently gathered a large number Senior electronic talent. Facing the broad market demand and the rapid development of landscape lighting, local businesses are actively seeking cooperation and development. On March 29, 2010, the Zhongye Lighting Group Operation Mode Launching Conference hosted by Jiangxi Zhongye Landscape Engineering Installation Co., Ltd. The scenic Lushan Mountain was held in the West Sea. More than 60 people from the Zhongye National Branch Manager and the lighting industry elites from all over the country attended the conference.

At the meeting, Zhong Jianhui, deputy general manager of Zhongye Lighting, first gave a welcome speech. Then Zhang Jingzhong, general manager of Zhongye Lighting, also gave a wonderful speech. The purpose of the meeting was to deepen the feelings of partners, unify thoughts, and clarify the best cooperation mode and improve Industry competitiveness, improve the success rate of the project, and use Zhongye Lighting as a platform to work together to become bigger and stronger and cast the glory of Zhongye Lighting Group. In addition, the conference also invited the enterprise management consultant Wang Ping to teach. Mr. Wang used a large number of rich and vivid lighting cases to teach the participating entrepreneurs how to improve the management system, profoundly reveal the group operation mode and win the audience. Applause and resonance.

Zhong Jian Lighting Deputy General Manager Shan Jianhui as a welcome speech

Zhang Jingzhong, general manager of Zhongye Lighting, made a speech at the conference

In the afternoon seminar, the participants had a full research and discussion on the theme of “win-win cooperation and win-win cooperation”. Peng Yanlong, manager of Zhongye Lighting, introduced the cooperation process, and other delegates also operated on their own projects. The model made comments and suggestions. According to the reporter's understanding, after signing the cooperation opinions, the two companies will help the branch to directly introduce its successful management system, which will improve the success rate, reduce the competition risk, reduce the learning time, reduce the detour, share the brand effect, and expand the business scope. And other project services. As a branch company, we must continue to work hard to expand our business within our own work scope. For example, establish terminal customer information in the jurisdiction, search for project information, find project partners, focus on key projects, control the quality, cost, safety, etc. of the projects that have been undertaken, organize and implement, and cooperate with the head office to enhance the company's image visibility.

Mr. Wang Ping, Trainer of Jucheng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Jiang Quanlong, consultant of China Industry Corporation, made a concluding speech to the conference. He believed that the meeting was very important and timely, which will become another important turning point in the company's development stage and has a historic significance. He also believes that there are several points in the success of the conference: First, it has achieved a high degree of unity of ideas and a clear strategy for unified strategy. Second, the theme of the meeting was clarified, that is, the principle of cooperation, the mode of cooperation and the standard of cooperative services. He put forward new requirements to the delegates: First, attach great importance to it, conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting, and put the spirit into the future cooperation work of everyone. Second, more communication, more consultation. Think of the head office as a platform for gold development. In project cooperation, we must exchange information, exchange ideas, and make more ties with government departments, master multiple policy aspects, and work together to achieve a win-win goal.

Zhang Jingzhong, general manager of Zhongye Lighting, interviewed by China Lighting Network reporter

Zhou Yongzhi, vice chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, presented the calligraphy and paintings at the welcome dinner. The leaders of the Jiangxi Provincial Construction Department and the leaders of the Nanchang Science and Technology Bureau and the leaders of the Nanchang High-tech Management Committee confirmed the achievements of the Zhongye Lighting Group. And encourage the Zhongye to seize the good opportunities for development, strive for greater progress, and strive to make greater contributions to China's key landscape lighting projects and low-carbon businesses. At the climax of the banquet, Mr. Zhou Yongzhi, the vice-chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, was invited to give a handful of ink to the regional managers.

Jiangxi Zhongye Landscape Engineering Installation Co., Ltd. (formerly Fuzhou Zhongye Night View Light Factory) was established in 1994. It specializes in the design, construction and lighting product development and sales of urban landscape lighting. Zhongye Lighting adheres to the service concept of “excellent communication, perfection and perfection”, and provides high-quality LED lighting products to users with innovative, efficient, high-quality and united spirit. At present, the company's products have been successfully used in the large-scale landscape beautification project of Nanchang Municipal Government, CPPCC Building, Nanchang Railway Station, etc., and have won unanimous praise from peers and users. The company is also a second-class qualification for the city and road lighting engineering contracting in Jiangxi Province, and the second-class qualification for lighting engineering special design. It has passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification.

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