Three common misunderstandings of bridge lighting design

Bridge lighting design is a hot spot in recent years. With the deepening of China's urbanization process and infrastructure, bridges have evolved from simple pedestrian bridges and overpasses to more complex rivers and even bridges across the sea. Their forms and functions are increasingly diversified.

Bridges are not only transportation hubs, but also symbolize the economic status and technical level of urban development, and often become landmarks. Therefore, bridge night lighting has become one of the important landscapes of urban night lighting. In the long-term bridge lighting design work, Zhimei lighting designers found some common misunderstandings that affected the lighting effect of the bridge.

One of the misunderstandings is that there are too many road lights in the car, which affects the overall lighting effect.

Most of the bridges in the city have the functions of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicle lanes, pedestrian passages and even railway passages. The lighting design of such bridges usually continues the road lighting design specification, extending the street lights from the street to the bridge and throughout the bridge. This approach certainly meets the requirements of functional lighting, but it also has a huge impact on the overall lighting effect of the bridge.

The reason is that the illumination of the landmark bridge itself is sufficient, the structural elements of the bridge and even the detailed structure have been illuminated, and the decorative lighting of the bridge also provides indirect illumination for the road surface; on the other hand, the motor vehicle itself They also have their own lighting system. In the case of a motor vehicle traveling on a roadway, there is actually no shortage of illumination.

Then, how can bridge streetlight design not only ensure the safety of driving, but also reduce the impact on the night landscape of the bridge?

First, reduce the number of street lights and reduce the density. For some street lighting that must exist, the installation distance of the street lamps can be appropriately increased to reduce the total number of street lamps and the installation density. The approach part of the approach bridge gradually enlarges the installation spacing, forming a transition from street streetlights to bridge streetlights.

Second, reduce the height of the fixture installation. Excessive street lights consume more energy, are less efficient, and their glare can ruin the overall lighting. During the day, too high street light poles will also affect the bridge landscape effect.

By using kicking lights and buried LEDs, the light can be directly projected onto the road surface, which not only improves the lighting efficiency, but also avoids the influence on the driver's line of sight. Appropriate use of point-like buried LEDs, clearing the boundary line of the road, not only can form a warning effect on the driver, improve the safety, and the sense of the array of lights adds the effect of the road landscape.

The above means not only reduces the influence of street lamps on the landscape, but also ensures the safety of driving, reduces the difficulty of installation and maintenance difficulty, reduces the lamps and uses low-power lamps, can also reduce the power consumption, and lower the operating cost.

Misunderstanding 2, the abuse of dynamic lighting effects, causing light pollution.

With the rapid development of LED lighting, we have entered the era of dynamic lighting. In bridge lighting, a large amount of dynamic lighting is also used, which makes the bridge lighting more dynamic and technological.

But what we should not ignore is that the bridge itself is an absolutely static landscape compared to the river under the bridge, the traffic on the bridge, and the flow of people. The water surface under the bridge is shimmering and the reflections are rippling. The vehicles and pedestrians on the bridge are constantly flowing. The viewpoint itself is a moving body. On this basis, if the bridge lighting is given frequent dynamic effects, it may be The overall lighting effect of the bridge is dazzling, and even serious light pollution.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the dynamic lighting effect carefully for bridge lighting. For immediate use, the effect of long change cycle and slow change process should be selected as much as possible to make the nearer feel comfortable and let the far-sighted person look forward to it.

The third misunderstanding, too much color, causing visual fatigue.

LED lighting gives the lighting color more choices, making the lighting form more diverse. Bridge lighting, like commercial building lighting, is gradually adopting this new technology.

However, the bridge is not a commercial space. Usually, the bridge is characterized by simplicity, clarity and grandeur. It is somewhat different for the structural entity to impose a colorful business atmosphere.

What is even more neglected is that in the big environment where the bridge is located, it is often a river, a river embankment or a mountain river. The background brightness of the large environment is usually low, so the bridge lighting can easily stand out. If the brightness and color of the lighting are too high, then the pole It is easy to form an overly strong contrast.

Bridge lighting design should be treated as a work of art, colorful and smashed, simple and more beautiful. Although the colorful lighting can give people a sense of content and freshness, it is also more likely to cause visual fatigue. As time goes by, it gradually turns into aesthetic fatigue, and thus falls into the vulgar circle.

All in all, bridge lighting is an important element of the city's night scene, and it is also an important urban public space. It is the common goal of our lighting designers to create a comfortable, beautiful and reasonable bridge lighting design with the attitude of creating art.

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