Increase efforts to promote and promote LED indoor lighting lights

During the "2010 Shanghai International New Energy & New Light Source Forum and Exhibition", Professor Zhang Haijun, Chairman of the Shanghai Lighting Society, discussed some of his views on the development status of LED street lights and LED indoor lighting, and put forward suggestions worthy of reference.
Professor Zhang believes that under the impetus of the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousands” semiconductor lighting pilot demonstration project, pilot applications of LED functional lighting, especially LED street lights, have made great progress, and many successful experiences in product and practice. But there are also some problems. Summarizing the experience and lessons of these pilot projects, it is not difficult to see that street lamps, which are second only to the difficulty level of automobile headlights, have not been well solved due to some of their technical problems, life, reliability, color rendering, etc. There is still a need for further improvement and improvement. Compared with this, it is rare to see large foreign lighting companies vigorously promote and produce high-power LED street lighting products. The reasons are still the problems of technology, price and maintainability. Through the information leaked from some recent international large-scale exhibitions, it can be seen that these companies are doing indoor lighting and replacement lamps that are easy to implement and have energy saving and good effects. A large number of indoor replacement lamps at the Tokyo Lighting Fair last March—replacement of light bulbs, replacement of MR16, replacement of PAR lights, etc. are the best evidence. The reason is that the new similar function of the lamp made of LED can be compared with the traditional lamp in terms of performance and the effect on energy saving and consumption is very obvious. Therefore, it is recommended that in the future, efforts should be made to promote LED indoor lighting lamps that are relatively easy to form.
One recent incident that has caused widespread concern in the lighting industry is that Philips has made outstanding LED bulb replacement lamps. The lamp's parameter light efficiency reaches 90lm/W, the color temperature is 2700K, and the color rendering index reaches 92. It is possible to achieve the level of 10W LED bulb instead of 60W incandescent bulb. This progress indicates that the real start of LED indoor lighting is close at hand. At the same time, this inspiring message reminds us to seize this rare opportunity, and really put resources into this project or product that we have not yet done so, but can certainly do it technically.

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