The future "smart city" first note: Expo National Grid Pavilion

In the "six-faced magic box" composed of huge LED screens, we will start a fantastic "current travel", take the "current tunnel" into our future life, and feel the "energy heart" that supplies power to the entire Expo Park in the underground. The National Grid Pavilion in the Puxi Park of the Shanghai World Expo opened on May 1st. The installation of many interactive experiences has attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists.

What do you look at at the National Grid Pavilion? According to the design experts of the pavilion, “smart grid”, “smart power family” and “smart city” are the biggest attractions. In this building pavilion, there is a prototype of China's future smart city.

The "Energy Box" of the Shanghai World Expo

The National Grid Pavilion, nicknamed the "Energy Box," is not easy. Its entire outer wall is used to save energy: a 12-mirror solar light introduction system called “Sunflower”, which directs sunlight directly into the room, saves energy supply in the pavilion; A small wind power generation unit that supplements the power in the building.

The “World's First Magic Box” in the pavilion is one of the most popular visits in the Expo pavilion.

The so-called "magic box" is a room consisting of six large-volume LED screens, each 14.9 meters long and 13.9 meters high, surrounded by 112 huge screens, forming a 720-degree illusion space. The total screen area is more than 1,100 square meters.

Visitors walked into the "magic box". As the film was shown, the audience sneaked into the deep sea with the current, and sometimes crossed the poles, and finally flew into the neon city night sky. The most "hyun" is that not only are you surrounded by beautiful pictures, but even the top of the head and even the soles of the feet have spectacular images.

The "current tunnel" into the second-floor future living exhibition area can be "interacted" with an art UHV center electric tower controlled by special sound and light. When the visitor approaches, it senses a gradual sound wave and responds with a light. The more people there are, the louder the sound, the higher the beam of light will be until the light column rises to the top, making the top of the stadium a star-studded night sky.

Going deep into the pavilion is another experience. Through the large glass windows, one can see that a huge 110 kV substation is running, providing power and energy to the entire Expo site. Here, it is the "heart of energy" of the Shanghai World Expo.

What can the future city “electricity” do?

In the National Grid Pavilion, people can see a cute yellow cartoon doll, called "smartstronggrid", translated into Chinese is "strong, smart grid." In fact, this cartoon talent is the real "lead" and "hero" of the entire National Grid Pavilion. It will revolutionize our future urban life.

What can “electricity” do in the future city? The answer is also in the National Grid Pavilion. And listen to the experts for us to introduce one by one.

“Virtual Power Plant”: It is composed of traditional power grid and new energy power generation, including wind energy, solar energy, hydropower and bio-thermal power. It can be "smart" to select different power sources to combine according to the actual power needs, keeping the city's power supply always strong and stable.

“Smart Power Family”: In the cold winter, just before going home from work, you only need to click the mouse in the office, and a set of command information will be sent back to the “Smart Home Appliance” information center. So, just like lighting up the Aladdin's lamp, calling out the servant, the rice cooker began to cook, the water heater began to boil water, the air conditioner automatically turned on, let the room warm as spring, everything is ready, just wait for the owner to go home.

Cars without electricity will undoubtedly become another feature of smart cities. In fact, in the eyes of scientists, the power battery of countless electric vehicles will form another "mobile smart grid" in the city.

American scientists have designed a "charging road." When an electric car is driving on this road, as long as a metal plate with a wire is placed in contact with the road surface, the electric power buried in the high-voltage cable on the road surface can be absorbed and the car can be quickly charged.

Jiang Xiaoyun, deputy director of the National Grid Pavilion, said that the commercialization of electric vehicles in China has also been on the road. With the popularization of electric vehicles and technological advancement, the construction of electric vehicle charging stations and charging piles will be fully developed in the future. China’s “smart city” dream is not far away.

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