Iphone to see what software vr uses, Apple is actively catching up with Facebook

At present, in the field of augmented reality and virtual reality, Apple's progress has obviously lagged behind competitors such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Many industry insiders analyze that Apple will enter the AR/VR field in a very unique form. Including Apple's recent acquisition of Flyby Media, it also shows that Apple has actually begun to take action.

Iphone to see what software vr ------- iPhone vr new patent exposure

With the launch of Apple's iPhone7, Apple recently issued a new patent on vr technology, which aims to lay the groundwork for vr virtual reality technology. It is expected to incorporate vr technology into mobile phones and other Apple products in the next few years. The picture of Apple vr was first exposed. The ultra-lightweight VR glasses in history are about to come out: Apple vr glasses are exposed.

Iphone to see what software vr uses, Apple is actively catching up with Facebook

The patent number is No.9488488, and the patent is called "Augmented Reality Map". It mainly introduces a perspective of using the iPhone built-in sensor for map mapping to provide users with the current map point augmented reality environment.

This patent can mark digital information in some real-world scenarios, such as street names, points of interest, etc., can be scanned by the camera, and even more complex operations like GPS navigation can be realized. For example, after the user opens the iPhone's main camera, the Augmented Reality feature is enabled through the map navigation application, and the system automatically reads relevant data from the sensor, including the built-in gyroscope, digital compass and accelerometer, and can also integrate the iPhone. GPS positioning data, including tilt and angle alignment.

Iphone to see what software vr uses, Apple is actively catching up with Facebook

After utilizing the collected information, the application can intelligently select an approximate scene and bring live broadcast functionality, and adopt a first person perspective. This patent is mainly uploaded by captured images or videos, and then downloaded augmented reality mapping information through an offline server.

For example, by identifying some simple POI logos, such as the names of buildings and monuments, and then using the more complex algorithms of the system, Apple will analyze the lines through interactive parties and then view the contents of the scene in real time. At the same time, the method can also remind the user which road is a one-way line after extracting the cloud data.

According to the device positioning, the system can also switch from the first person perspective to the bird's eye view, seamlessly switching from augmented reality technology to the normal map mode.
Iphone to see what software vr ------- can start to experience VR social

Iphone users can also interact with the vr social application vTIme today. vTIme is now on the iphone platform, and iphone users can take advantage of vTImes' immersive social features, whether or not they have a head-up display. For example, chatting or sharing images in a virtual environment. In addition, iPhone users can use vText to stay in touch with each other, whether online or offline.

The platform range currently supported by vTIme has been extended to Samsung Gear vr, Oculus Rift, and Google Cardboard. Soon after, the company also plans to support HTC Vive and Google Daydream.

Iphone to see what software vr uses, Apple is actively catching up with Facebook

vTime was officially launched in 2015 and is the first batch of vr social applications. vTime's executive director Clemens Wangerin said that the introduction of vTime into the iphone "is a natural evolution", vr will also become one of the main trends of this Christmas.

In addition to being compatible with the iPhone platform, this month's vTime will also release vCast's new features, allowing users to create, broadcast, record and publish their content. Users can also experience chat shows, podcasts, discussions and more live and on-demand programs. The pre-emptive experience version of vCast is now online.

Iphone to see what software vr----the first iPhone dedicated VR controller release

Recently, a foreign VR company launched an Apple VR controller called Lignumdd. It is reported that Lignumdd is designed for the IOS system and is the first VR controller for the iPhone.

Although mobile VR already has products for Apple phones, whether it is Samsung Gear or Google's Daydream, its handles are tailor-made for Android. But the good news is that Apple phones can now use the VR controller.

Iphone to see what software vr uses, Apple is actively catching up with Facebook

Remoria VR from Italy launched a VR controller called Lignumdd, designed for the IOS system and became the iPhone's first VR controller.

The Lignum is a very small form factor with a weight of only 50 grams and is charged using the USB port on the bottom. The top is a switch with a rocker and an A button on the front and the B/C button on the back.

Its inertial unit is equipped with a high-precision electronic compass, gyroscope and accelerometer for positioning and motion tracking systems, supports 24 gesture presets, and can achieve delays below 10 milliseconds.

When used, Lignum needs to be paired with Bluetooth supporting Bluetooth LE 4.1/4.2 phones to achieve the required high-speed data transmission. Lignum is also suitable for other mainstream platforms such as Android and Windows.

Lignum is not only a peripheral project, the R&D team is still working on a SDK for content developers, and has already completed the Unity3D solution, and the next target is the Unreal 4 engine, which relies on crowdfunding support.

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