Seize the artificial intelligence cloud market AMD/Amazon action frequently

The potential for cloud services is huge, and artificial intelligence (AI) is a key element in driving this application. In order to seize market opportunities, cloud operators and processor companies are committed to developing new technologies, such as Amazon to facilitate the recent Re:Invent Developer Conference, to announce a new artificial intelligence platform, and bring three machine-based learning Tools, officially entered the AI ​​market; and AMD released a new layout strategy and launched the Radeon InsTInct accelerator, making server computing easier to deepen learning and enhance workload execution, greatly improving performance and efficiency.

Zhou Weizhong, consultant of the MIC industry, said that with the support of many data sources and rapid increase, processor performance and cloud service maturity, the development of artificial intelligence with 60 years of history has been promoted, and it has become a leap forward. . Major companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon are actively deploying and gradually opening up platform resources to increase their influence and consolidate their market position, which is expected to accelerate application development in various fields.

In order to attack the artificial intelligence cloud market, Amazon recently announced three new cloud AI services at the Re:Invent Developer Conference in Las Vegas, USA. These three services are: Amazon RekogniTIon, an image recognition and analysis service based on deep learning technology. It is also through deep learning, which can convert text into human voice MP3 files--Amazon Poll; and Amazon Alexa voice assistant The core technology has become a human-machine dialogue service - Amazon Lex.

Through deep learning, RekogniTIon enables developers to quickly and easily build and analyze image applications and automatically identify faces, objects and scenes such as cars, pets, or furniture. At the same time, the service also supports advanced facial analysis functions, such as whether the face is smiling or whether the eyes are open for face comparison and search. Amazon Poll uses machine learning technology to quickly convert from text to speech, and to distinguish between the pronunciation of homographs in context. Finally, Amazon Lex is based on automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) technology, which converts human language into computer-processable patterns, and then transforms the results of processing into human natural language, through deep learning techniques. Analyze the obtained parameters to complete the task of human-machine dialogue.

On the other hand, to enhance the cloud server computing capabilities, AMD is releasing a new generation of accelerators, Radeon InsTInct, to provide a powerful GPU-based solution to perform deep learning inference and training. The product features passive cooling, AMD's multi-GPU hardware virtualization technology for single-root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) industry standards, and 64-bit PCle massive base register support for multiple GPU peer-to-peer support. In addition, in addition to the newly introduced hardware solutions, AMD also released MIOpen, a free open source library designed for GPU accelerators to assist in the implementation of high-performance machine intelligence solutions. A new optimized deep learning framework based on AMD ROCm software is also available to lay the foundation for the evolution of machine intelligence workloads.

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