Late-night bright black iphone 7 and Lycra phone sets

On the afternoon of the sale, he secretly swiped the bill for several hours. Finally, at 4 o'clock, Lynx successfully placed an order for 128G and then began a long waiting process. Found that the wealthiest home server against the large flow than the Apple home server is strong, is indeed after the N double 11 baptism.

Hope and hope, finally arrived before the National Day.

Out of the box, the system of what I believe we see a lot, take a look at the appearance of it.

Black mirror, camera focus module bellows pull close strike, manual focus without split-screen is also a nightmare.

7 is still a prominent shot, and the lens looks a little bigger than 6. 7 after the camera quality personal feeling more than 6/6P a lot, eat a big photo or something, zoomed to see is still very clear.

The benefit of black is the invisible antenna

It's a bit like the 3Gs of the year... it wasn't. Metallic coloration was a completely different sense of smoothness from the polish. Plus touch and "heavy hands" were all black that would make people feel like it.

One-handed feeling - I have!

Because I'm the legendary 7-listed 6-pronged ear, only playing (wearing, filming) for a little while. Non-mobile phone users feel heavy, the most refreshing or from 16G to 128G, can be patted, under the next. The return of the virtual home is not too real, perhaps because of the introduction of the Internet, a little preconceived.

It feels good to hold the hand in the hand, that is when the hand is dry, it is a bit slippery (there is a set). Since the outline is smaller than 6, the one-handed operation is easy and pleasant, and the user group with a small hand and one-handed operation preference is very friendly.

In terms of endurance, I feel better than 6, but not too much. The mobile phone that can hold on to the day is a good mobile phone. As for whether it will be boom, whether we want to cut the kidneys, whether it is patriotic or not, don't have to worry too much about it. Mobile phone...

Official website reminds: "....but the appearance of gloss may wear with the use of subtle wear. If you have concerns, it is recommended that you choose a suitable protective shell to protect your iPhone."

Tb to see a very fun mobile phone shell, front circle of friends to deceive many people.

The front looks like a camera and it feels quite fun. There are calculators, Nokia and other models, like to buy an occasional take a day, although not enough to look good, but with the surrounding MM to bring a topic is still very natural.

After wearing the film, the fit is good. The button and hole position are also accurate. The soft rubber on the edge is a certain protection.

In fact, all that was said was said to have issued the batch of sun bills, or waited for the AirPods to be listed. We saw the headphones on the street!

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