LED lighting is widely used in rural areas

In recent years, the application of LED lights has also entered the rural areas. In Xiaoxi Chaizhai, Huaxi District, Guiyang City, neat rows of solar LED street lamps outline the green look of this new socialist countryside. For more than a year, the Qiancun project has benefited 40 administrative villages in rural areas of Chongqing, Chengdu and Guiyang. More than 400 sets of solar LED street lamps have been settled in villages, benefiting more than 40,000 villagers.

In addition to the introduction of energy-saving and environmentally friendly new products in road lighting, “energy-saving lamps go to the countryside” has also become one of the ways to promote new rural construction. In this year's 8 million energy-saving lamp promotion targets, Yunnan Province has specially arranged 500,000 energy-saving lamps to face the majority of villagers in the new rural construction. In Gubai Village, Central Hub Town, Huxi County, 850 compact energy-saving lamps were distributed to 678 households. In fact, Yunnan Province is not a special case. Many cities in this year's promotion of energy-saving lamps have made it clear that they must tilt to rural areas and increase their efforts to promote them.

Many well-known lighting companies, both international and domestic, have also rapidly invested in rural green lighting. This year, Philips officially joined the “Thousand Villages Plan” and became a partner of the program. In this public welfare undertaking, domestic lighting companies are not far behind. NVC Lighting started the donation activity of “Guangming Public Welfare Project? Brightening the countryside” as early as last year. It has donated energy-saving lamps to towns and villages in Guangdong, Chongqing and other regions, focusing on day-to-day home lighting for local farmers. In addition, many lighting companies such as Ops and Topstar have corresponding initiatives to donate energy-saving lamps to local villages in the promotion process of energy-saving lamps, or to assist them in implementing energy-saving lighting projects.

In fact, the attention of major lighting companies to the rural market is not only because of their enthusiasm for public welfare undertakings, but also the broad market of rural China. The quality of life and living environment of rural residents in China are gradually improving, so the demand for roads and road lighting is also increasing. However, it is undeniable that China's rural road lighting facilities construction is still in its infancy, there are still a large number of village roads can not achieve normal lighting. The framing of power grids and other facilities is not only costly, but also can be a waste of resources. Therefore, how to solve the rural road lighting problem is not only a major issue, but also a good opportunity for companies to expand their markets.

In addition, indoor lighting is the same. With the promotion of energy-saving lamps, most of the large and medium-sized cities have used LED lights. However, in remote rural areas, the use of incandescent lamps is still large. Rural population accounts for a large proportion of the country's population. Therefore, the increase in the penetration rate of energy-saving lamps in rural areas is increased by 1%, and the corresponding increase is quite significant. Therefore, to promote green lighting, the rural market is quite broad.

Of course, despite the vast rural market, the outlook is promising. However, it is not difficult to open up this market. This is the main reason why many lighting companies lack sufficient funds and strength. It is not easy to develop the rural market. Moreover, the rural market is characterized by the fact that the consumer's concept of consumption is not mature enough, and it attaches too much importance to price, ignoring the quality of the product.


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