Next year's PV sales growth rate is lower than this year

A number of photovoltaic companies recently announced their 2011 shipments or sales contract expectations. Judging from the existing data, although the market will grow next year, the increase is already slower than in 2010.

Industry leader Suntech Power Co., Ltd. issued a forecast on December 6, saying that the company's annual sales of photovoltaic cells in 2011 will be no less than 2.2G watts, a significant increase compared to 1.5G watts this year. Compared with 2010, the company's year-on-year increase will reach more than 110%, and its 46% year-on-year increase in 2011 will be far behind this year.

In addition, Yingli Green Energy estimates that it will be able to achieve 1Gwatt of module sales in 2010, and the company stated that the sales contract for next year will be above 1GW. Even if its sales contract is equal to production capacity, which is 1.6Gw at the end of 2011, the increase is only 60%, which is also lower than the increase in global PV shipments this year (this year, the world will probably sell 15Gw of battery modules, Last year increased by more than 100%).

Another newly-listed company, Jingko Energy, also stated that its battery module production capacity may increase by 30% in 2011.

China Merchants Securities researcher Wang Liusheng said that the 30% growth in the photovoltaic industry may be the global growth rate of photovoltaic modules next year. Because polysilicon production capacity will be gradually released next year, plus the possibility of countries subsidizing photovoltaic subsidies, and manufacturers are also increasing the supply of components.

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