Transformer material

To wind a transformer, we must have a certain understanding of the materials related to the transformer. For this reason, I will introduce this knowledge.

1. Core materials used in iron core material transformers The addition of silicon to the iron sheet reduces the electrical conductivity of the steel sheet and increases the resistivity. It reduces eddy currents and reduces losses. We usually call the silicon-added steel sheet as silicon steel sheet. The quality of the silicon steel sheet used in the quality of the transformer has a great relationship. The quality of the silicon steel sheet is usually represented by the magnetic flux density B. Generally, the B value of the black iron sheet is 6000-8000, low silicon wafers are 9000-11000, high silicon wafers are 12000-16000,

2. Materials commonly used for winding transformers include enameled wire, yarn wrapped wire, silk covered wire, and most commonly used enameled wire. The requirements for the conductors are good electrical conductivity, and the insulating varnish layer is sufficiently heat resistant and must have a certain resistance to corrosion. Under normal circumstances it is best to use QZ model of high-strength polyester enameled wire.

3. Insulation material In the winding transformer, the insulation between the coil frame layers and the isolation between windings must be insulated. In general, the transformer frame material can be made of phenolic cardboard, epoxy board, or cardboard. Between the layers can be used polyester film, telephone paper, 6520 composite paper, etc. for isolation, yellow lap cloth between the windings, or imine film for isolation.

4, impregnated material transformer after winding, but also through the last process, is impregnated with insulating paint, it can enhance the mechanical strength of the transformer, improve insulation properties, extend the service life, under normal circumstances, can be used as impregnating material cresol Or 1032 insulating paint, resin paint.

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