15-30L/Min Fog Systems (YDM-0730S)

  • Model NO.: YDM-0730S
  • Type: High Pressure Misting Cooling Pump
  • Certification: CE
  • Humidification Method: Mist Discharge
  • Timing Function: With Timing Function
  • Pump Type: High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump
  • Cover Color: Shinning Silver
  • Sprayer Material: Clean Water
  • Trademark: AODING or OEM
  • Specification: CE
  • HS Code: 84798920
  • Style: Floor Standing
  • Usage: Home, Industry, Commercial & Residential
  • Humidity Control: Automatic
  • Power Type: Electric Motor
  • Water Shortage Power-off Protection: With Water Shortage Power-off Protection
  • Cover Material: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cover
  • Usuage Field: Umidification,Dedusting,Deodorization
  • Product Name: Fog Machine
  • Transport Package: Carton
  • Origin: China
15L/Min-30L/Min Industry Duty Mist Cooling System:

Standard features:

1, Triplex high pressure heavy-duty crankshaft pump;
(1), Forged brass manifold, provides high strength and corrosion resistance.
(2), Anodized die-cast crankcase, with large cooling fin for maximum heat dissipation.
(3), Hardened and precision grinding crankshaft, for maximum durability and long life.
(4), First-grade ceramic plunger, to increase resistance to pitting and wear, for maximum durability.
(5), Strengthened one-piece alloy aluminium connecting rod.
(6), Italy u-packing.
(7), Reinforced pop-off valve cage.
(8), NSK bearing, for maximum life and load distribution.
(9), Bolt-on pressure adjustable unloader
(10), pressure regulating valve, built-in bypass, with solenoid valve (BPS)
2, Glycerin filled pressure gauge;
3, In line mounted with high pressure solenoid valve to prevent water leakage from the nozzle during the every second when the machine stop working;
4, Heavy duty industrial electric motor with thermal overload;
5, US BBS electric motor;
Or option:Single/three-phase 4kw, 1450 RPM, self ventilated;(can do different voltage and rate)
6; ON-OFF switch;
7, Pressure switch to protect pump against dry running;
8, Heavy duty ss cover to protect the pump and motor;
9, Bride with brass flexible coupling, easily to install and prevent leakages;
Connection Type: Quick Slip Lock, Thread type;
10, Brass / SS (304,316) anti-drip Cleanable Fog Nozzle (Orifice Range: 0.15mm to 1.00 mm);
Nozzle Orifice:Ceramic,SS,Ruby,
11, Flexible PE Hose;Tube size: 3/8" (9.52mm)
12, 50 micron polypropylene high filtration filter system provent small articals(bigg than 0.05mm) going into the machine,4 stage filter System 5 + 10 + 25 + 50 Microns;
13, Electric Control Panel;
14, Cyclic Digital Timer;
15, Humidity Control Panel;
16, With Water tank inside;
17,Overload & leakage control;
18,Drop the Temperature: 6-12°C;
19,pray Effective Are: 20,838CBM;
20,Diameter of Fog: < 6μm;
21,Spray Sustainable Time:14 hours;
22,Accessories List: Nozzle, Nozzle connector, Tubing, Tubing Cutter, Water filter, Tee, Elbow, End, End Plug, Union, Male/female adapter, ball valve and water filter, etc.
23,Volume:Support 200-650 Nozzles (0.15mm);650M PE/PA hose (9.52MM),200-650pcs brass quick couplers;

1,Increase profitability
2,Reduce stress
3,Refresh the atmosphere
4, Cooling
Residential cooling, outdoor cooling, commercial place cooling
5,Control humidity(humidification)
Industrial, agricultural and horticultural: green house, garden, livestock farming;
6,Reduce dust & smell (Dedusting and Deodorization):
Industry process, bulk powder, cement plant, foundry dust, fly ash control, waste transfer, recycling process;
7. Insect Control
Please use water-soluble chemical to kill insect.

(1) Stockbreeding: Deodorization, disinfection, cooling
(2) Diggings and painting area: Cooling, dust-catching, static-elimination
(3) Greenhouse, wine-cellar: Cooling and wetting
(4) Spinning industry: Wetting, static-elimination
(5)Outdoor plaza, sports, open coffee, beer bars: Sight, cooling, mosquito-killing
(6) Kursaal, park, restaurant: Sight, cooling, mosquito-killing
(7) School, factory and warehouse: Cooling

Stop working automaticly when lack of water;
Fog can spray with different frequencies;
Controlled by the Timer;
Fog can spray at different humidity range according to the data setted;

15-30L/Min Fog Systems (YDM-0730S)

15-30L/Min Fog Systems (YDM-0730S)

15-30L/Min Fog Systems (YDM-0730S)

15-30L/Min Fog Systems (YDM-0730S)

15-30L/Min Fog Systems (YDM-0730S)

15-30L/Min Fog Systems (YDM-0730S)
Model Flow Rate Pressure Pump Type Rpm Power Require Voltage With LCD Screen Cover Dimensions G.W. Qty in 20Ft/40Ft
YDM-0715S 15L/MIN 70BAR     Triplex Plunger Pump 1450R/MIN 2.2KW 220V No ss cover 75×50×70CM 90KGS 250/600PCS
YDM-0718S 18L/MIN 70BAR     Triplex Plunger Pump 1450R/MIN 3.0KW 380V Yes ss cover 75×50×120CM 90KGS 250/600PCS
YDM-0721S 21L/MIN 70BAR     Triplex Plunger Pump 1450R/MIN 4.0KW 380V Yes ss cover 75×50×120CM 90KGS 250/600PCS
YDM-0725S 25L/MIN 70BAR     Triplex Plunger Pump 1450R/MIN 4.0KW 380V Yes ss cover 75×50×120CM 90KGS 250/600P
YDM-0730S 30L/MIN 70BAR     Triplex Plunger Pump 1450R/MIN 5.5KW 380V Yes ss cover 75×50×120CM 90KGS 250/600P

As LCD display in YFJ company that we usually use it to military grade battery ,especially Lithium-ion batteries ,for these battery applications ,we have obvious advantage is that we focus more on shor circuit protection which we follow the US military standard.

Short circuit protection:The following test shall be performed. Charge batteriesas specified in  ; use of 4.6.3 is permitted. Measure and record the OCV. Short each battery across all the positive and negative terminals with a total external resistance not greater than 50 milliohms. After one hour remove the short from across the terminals. Measure and record the OCV. Stabilize batteries at the normal conditions of 4.3.1 for not less than 2 hours. Chargebatteries in accordance with 4.6; use of 4.6.3 is permitted. Stabilize batteries at normal conditions for not less than 2 hours, then discharge the battery in accordance with The battery shall meet the requirements of

Li-Ion Battery With Lcd Display 

Charge voltage:                                 16.8V

Nominal voltage :                               14.8V  (4S7P)

Initial impedance :                            120mΩ

Nominal capacity:                             19.6Ah

Minimum capacity:                            19.4Ah

Communication methods :                  SMBUS data communication

Electricity quantity show:                    LCD Electricity quantity show

Charge current:                                Standard Charging::0.2C5A (3.9A)

  Rapid charge:                                 0.5C5A C(9.8A) Max

Standard Charging method :              3.9A(0.2C5A) CC(constant current)charge to 16.8V,then CV(constant voltage 16.8V)charge till charge current decline to ≤196mA(≈0.01C5A)

Charging time:Standard Charging:      6.5hours(Ref.)

Rapid charge:                                   3.5 hours(Ref.)

Max.discharge current:                      9.8A(0.5C5A)

Discharge cut-off voltage:                 10.0V

Cycle life (0.2C5A/0.2C5A) :              500 items,≧80%DOD; 300 times,≧80%DOD

Operating temperature :                   Charging:  0℃~45℃



Li-ion Battery With LCD Display

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