ARC Energy successfully delivered the 100th LED sapphire crystal furnace

[Advanced Engineers News] Advanced Renewable Energy Company, LLC (ARC Energy), a supplier of LED sapphire growth and processing systems in the United States, has announced that it has delivered the company's 100th highly automated, cutting-edge c-axis sapphire growth CHES furnace.

According to reports, ARC Energy's CHES furnace is designed for LED applications and is a highly automated c-axis growth furnace for the production of sapphire crystals. The cores of these crystals are converted into LED wafers that are ultimately converted into high-brightness (HB) and ultra-high-brightness (UHB) LED chips for LED backlighting, general lighting, and automotive and signage applications.

By dramatically increasing the material utilization and efficiency of sapphire manufacturers, ARC Energy says its products enable the mass production and commercialization of cost-effective, large-diameter sapphire wafers for LED applications, and emphasize that its products are globally owned. The huge demand is currently being adopted by leading LED manufacturers across Asia.

In addition to the CHES furnace, ARC Energy also offers state-of-the-art turnkey solutions to increase production quickly and efficiently to generate revenue from sapphire products. These one-stop turnkey solutions and services include setup and installation, training, material handling, inspection, nuclear fabrication and material recycling.

Founded in 2007, ARC Energy is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, where it is committed to commercializing cutting-edge technologies in the LED and other clean energy markets. ARC Energy offers highly automated, efficient sapphire crystal growth and processing systems that enable rapid LED production and cost reduction.

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