How to use a public washing machine to read more healthy renters

I believe that many young people who work in different places have the experience of sharing with others. The cabins of the partitions are less than 8 square meters. There is no window, no day and night, and you can't speak loudly, otherwise it will attract countless knocks and eyes. The most embarrassing thing is to use household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, and worry about health problems, but it doesn't matter.

How to use a health washing machine to be healthier

Today, the author will tell you how to clean the shared washing machine and how to disinfect the clothes. Come and see.

First, pay attention to thoroughly clean the washing machine on a regular basis: the washing machine is the most vulnerable to dirt

The washing machine tank is the source of washing machine pollution. The washing water flows between the washing machine tank and the inner and outer barrels. Over time, a layer of black and sticky dirt and dirt will accumulate in the tank, and a large amount of bacteria will be produced. Authoritative research found in the domestic automatic turbine washing machine spot check, the washing machine pollution situation is serious.

At present, the microorganisms detected in the washing machine are deep red yeast, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, mucus serratus, spoiled bacterium, white gerbera, cryptococcus, etc. Most of these are conditional pathogens, which are not removed in time. The pollution of the washing machine will endanger the health of the family at all times. It is especially dangerous for the elderly and children with low immunity and is likely to cause female gynecological diseases.

How to clean:

Now there is a special washing machine cleaning agent in the supermarket, which can effectively remove various bacteria in the washing machine and is very convenient to use. The specific method is as follows:

1. Take the washing machine drain pipe down on an empty bucket (to have a certain height), close the inlet valve and the front door.

2. Pour the water of the three kettles with a detergent (commercially available) in an empty container, and mix according to the ratio of detergent/water = l/2 and mix well.

3. Open the “Detergent Additive Box” and pour the mixed detergent solution from the detergent add-on box, taking care not to splash on the skin.

4. Press the washing machine power switch, set the program to “laundry program” (the longest time selection), and rotate the drum; after the descaling liquid is discharged from the drain pipe into the bucket, the descaling liquid will be discharged. Add from the detergent adding box, and repeat this several times until the program is finished running, and open the filter to clean the filter.

5. After the machine has finished running, open the inlet valve and return the drain to its original position. Re-select the laundry program to make the washing machine run again. After the program is finished running, clean the filter again. At this point, the descaling is completed.

Second, the use of disinfectants

How to choose the correct disinfectant

The choice of detergent depends on the type of fabric (fine fabric, wool, cotton, etc.), color, washing temperature, degree of soiling, and the like.

How to properly add disinfectant

The correct way is to first soak the laundry to be washed into the disinfectant dilution, soak for a certain period of time, then rinse with water once, and then put it into the washing machine in the normal procedure.

Wrong addition of disinfectant

Washing powder contains a lot of surfactants. If the washing powder and disinfectant are mixed, it is easy to chemically react, which weakens their respective functions. If the chlorine-containing disinfectant is mixed with the acid-containing detergent, it will cause chlorine gas. When the chlorine concentration is too high, it will irritate the eyes, nose, throat and other organs. In severe cases, it will damage the heart and lung tissue, and even life threatening.

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