New LED drivers and sensors improve image quality and reduce energy consumption

Although LEDs have received more attention in general lighting applications, the current market for high-brightness LEDs is still the LED backlighting of displays. New LED drivers and sensors from Taos, Supertex and iWatt ensure that displays with the latest SSL technology deliver the best image quality and lowest power consumption.

In fact, the light sensor and the proximity sensor are the necessary components in the driving system of the liquid crystal display, and can automatically select the appropriate backlight brightness when the ambient light is sufficient or the front view of the display is not viewed, thereby achieving the best power saving. Display quality. Although Taos hopes to apply its new TSL2x72 series to computer monitors and HD LCD TVs, the TSL2x72 family is currently targeting mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Taos' new products include the TSL2572 series of digital ambient light sensors (ALS), the TSL2672 series of proximity sensors and the TSL2772 ​​family of light sensors and proximity sensors. In order to meet the needs of mobile devices, sensors must also work under strong light. To meet this demand, the new products designed by Taos can still be used normally in a sufficient sunlight with a brightness of 60,000 lux or more. Jerry Koontz, director of marketing at Taos, said: "Mobile device vendors are constantly striving to provide more compelling products to improve the user experience, so they need solutions for light detection and proximity detection to make them more widely available. Working under the lighting conditions."

Taos uses a programmable signal gain mode that includes a low gain to increase the dynamic range of the light sensor. At the same time, Taos has improved signal-to-noise ratio and uses interference compensation technology to provide more accurate proximity detection. Both types of detectors can still be used sporadically while staying asleep, minimizing energy consumption. This feature is especially important in battery-powered devices.

This type of sensor is capable of detecting any type of light source that includes almost all of the light intensity, including fluorescent lamps. In addition, the structure of the dual diode also ensures that the detector can obtain accurate results even if it is mounted on the glass and the detected light may be distorted by the glass.

Supertex 6 channel driver

Supertex also introduced a new 6-channel HV9957 LED driver for battery-powered mobile devices. Moreover, this new driver provides fault protection in situations where the temperature is too high, the current is too high, and the voltage is too high or too low.

"By providing superior fault protection, the HV9957 driver provides equipment manufacturers with precision LED drivers that can handle a wide range of complex faults in a single LED string." Stephen Lin, vice president of marketing at Supertex, said, "HV9957 also Advanced digital circuitry provides frequency control, fault protection and phase dimming. These features make low duty cycle and high dynamic range controllable in today's LED backlight drivers."

For precise control of each LED string, the HV9957 integrates a boost converter switch and six independent low dropout linear regulators (LDOs). The driver circuit is capable of delivering 30 mA of current per LED string, a typical battery-powered design pattern.

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