Measuring the standby power consumption of the set-top box even surpassed the air conditioner and color TV

"When you turn off the air conditioner in the home remote control, will you deliberately cut off the power?" For this detail of life, I believe many people will not pay attention. The appliance will no longer work, will it consume electricity? Recently, reporters have entered the home appliances digital products such as air conditioners, set-top boxes, LCD TVs, laptops, modems, and wireless routers.

PB Series smart LED Display is the first generation smart products. It is based on led display but improved led display technology from appearance, structure, functions and using range. All are integrated  high density, high brightness, waterproof products. Easy to be installed anywhere on pole, wall, roof.All of them are based on Tecnon smart display server system. It is online remote control system.  Each client has unique account and password to control the panels he wants.  Even 1000pcs panel ,all panels program could be updated within 1 minutes. Save time and cost. So now very popular in Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Dubai.

Optional shape: Square/Curve

Optional display:It is optional for single side , double sides or display with lightbox. 

Terminal optional for side hanging, middle hanging, roof hanging , mouting etc.

It could combine with different functions like wifi sharing, security monitor, GPS, power Charging etc .

Smart Pole Billboard LED Display

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