Guangzhou Haizhu Bridge night lighting design

Haizhu Bridge was built in 1933, with a total length of 356.67 meters. The main bridge is 182.90 meters long. It is located at the junction of Haizhu and Yuexiu, between Jiefang Bridge and Jiangwan Bridge. It was the only passage connecting Guangzhou to Henan and Hebei.

On February 28, 2012, Haizhu Bridge was officially closed for an 18-month overhaul. Haizhu Bridge, which has been transformed by lighting, has been refurbished with 15 different models and more than 2,000 sets of LED lights. And using DMX512 program control, you can achieve lighting effects such as gradation, bringing a more diverse night scene. The bridge surface has even light and comfortable brightness. It can hardly see glare in the pedestrian activity area, and it also brings convenience to the masses.

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Led Underground Lamp is a new type of buried decoration lamp with high brightness LED as the light source and LED constant current drive as the driving mode.Widely used in square, park, leisure places, such as outdoor lighting, outdoor as well as park, square, garden greening, lawn, flower beds, pedestrian street, waterfalls, fountains, water etc illumination, add luster for life.

LED Underground Lamp

Product size

LED Underground Lamp

Technical parameters 

Main material

High - pressure cast aluminum, 92% high - light steel screen printing glass

The light colored temperature

Red/Green/Yellow/Amber/Vermilion/Acid blue/3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K


Surface treatment

UV  Polyester powder coating

Light distribution device

Reflector lamp cup series:6°

Optical lens series:8°/15°/25°/45°/10×30°/10×60°/20×40°

The light body color

Dark grey

Working voltage


Safeguard procedures

Silica gel ring compacted waterproof

way to install

Embedded part

Average lifetime


rated power


Control mode


Level of protection


operating ambient temperature


Working environment humidity


LED Underground Lamp

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