Smart watch application opportunities: immature reality and can look forward to the future

Is there a real big opportunity in the impetuousness and hustle and bustle of the smart watch market?

Let ’s first take a look at the beautiful usage scenarios portrayed by smart watch manufacturers:

With a smart watch, people do not have to take out their mobile phones from time to time, glance at the watch gently, text messages, calls have a panoramic view, WeChat, Weibo at any time; through voice recognition can send instructions to the smart watch, smart watches record tasks one by one and prompt ; You don't need to carry a large-screen mobile phone during exercise, you can use the watch to record the movement track and body reaction; leisure and entertainment occasions, life consumption information is pushed to the smart watch one by one, affordable and convenient ...

In the eyes of researchers, smart watches have become an expected gold mine. According to a report by BI Intelligence, a research institute under Business Insider, global smartwatch sales will reach 91.6 million units in 2018, and revenue will reach US $ 9.2 billion. They anticipate that every 20 smartphones will be paired with a smart watch in the future.

However, the reality is far from this expectation. Zhu Gang, who has worked on wearable devices at companies such as Samsung and Lenovo, believes that the demand for smart watches is likely to be a pseudo-rigid demand. "From the perspective of solving user needs, people's time requirements for smart watches are no longer established, as are the decorative requirements for users to wear."

In his view, because of the existence of mobile phones, most people no longer wear watches. Even if you bring a watch, it is not to watch the time, but for decorative needs, or a status symbol. Most of these watches come from traditional mechanical watch manufacturers, not technology companies. The price is at least 2,000 yuan or more, rather than a smart watch with a plastic sense of less than 2,000 yuan.

"If people raise their arms to watch the news with a smart watch, like the side lift when they were corporal punishment when they were children, they will be tired after a few minutes." Zhu Gang described this.

Interestingly, more and more applications are starting to sharpen their heads and squeeze into narrow screens. There are more than 50 localized Samsung GALAXY Gear applications in China. Compared to the complete application on mobile phones, these applications presented on smart watches are more like castration versions.

This should not blame application developers, because the hardware has just started. Looking back at the several smart watches that have been released, the concept of the concept is currently being sold. Whether it is a smart watch from Samsung or a domestic manufacturer, it is only a semi-finished product. Optimistically, as various technology companies have tried their smart watches in succession, and the trial and error continues, the pioneers become martyrs, and the best application status of smart watches can only surface.

Expansion or just need?

In the past September, a new wave of smartphones and other new products has hit the market. Different from the past, smart watches joined the competitive legion as a new force this year, and even grabbed the limelight of mobile phones.

Eric, the founder of smart watch Pebble, recalled his idea of ​​inventing smart watches, mainly because it was troublesome to answer the phone during cycling in the cold weather. Raising his wrist to selectively answer the call became a good solution. After Pebble, a series of manufacturers have joined the competition on the wrist.

In the past two months, Samsung has released GALAXY Gear, Qualcomm has released Toq, Sony has upgraded Smart watch 2, Geak watch from China's Nutshell Electronics, and InWatch from Yingqu Technology have all been released. Recently, AI Watch, which can be inserted with a SIM card, has also joined the smart watch camp.

However, for most users, the functions provided by smart watches currently belong to the extension of mobile phone functions. From the perspective of the functions provided by various smart watches, they are divided into several categories:

One is the notification class. The reminder function of a smart watch is more like a notification extender role. For example, Sony Smart watch 2 missed call notification, SMS / MMS, email and calendar. Samsung GALAXY Gear can synchronize phone calls and text messages of smartphones via Bluetooth. Push notifications from social and information applications such as Weibo, WeChat, and Zaker are also included.

The second is social and picture applications. For example, Sony Smartwatch 2 includes and Sina Weibo, and Samsung GALAXY Gear includes Weibo, WeChat, and Path.

The third is to make phone calls. At present, these smart watches can either assist in making calls or insert SIM cards to make independent calls. The former is like Samsung GALAXY Gear and the latter is like AI Watch. However, the smart watch requires a hands-free device to make a call, and the privacy of the call is beyond description.

The only gimmick currently available to various manufacturers is similar to a wearable device, which uses a unique sensor function to monitor the user's environment and physical condition. Pebble takes the motion module as one of its main functions. At present, domestic Geak Watch and inWatch also use sports health module as a selling point to shout. Recently, Apple has frequently tapped talents from the fitness, medical and fashion industries to develop iWatch. Can imagine the future, iWatch will also become the main function of the sports module.

How many applications can be hosted?

When people have all kinds of good expectations for the innovative product of smart watches, the reality is always relentless.

On the one hand, it comes from the question of the seamless connection between people and mobile phone information. It is conceivable that as the electronic device closest to the human body, the intrusion of users by smart watches far exceeds that of other devices.

"Smart watches seem to be an information portal, but for users, their information services do not have the most essential requirements, nor do they meet the requirements of intelligence." An insider analyzed.

People have become accustomed to frequent pushes on mobile phones, but do people really need to be filled with seamless notifications when it is not convenient to carry a smartphone? At present, smart watch manufacturers have not solved the balance between message notification and user information carrying capacity. People hope that the smart watch will exist quietly, and it will appear properly only when something important needs to be brought to the attention of the user.

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