[Technical point of view] How to choose LED lampshade?

The choice of led lampshade is believed to be that many manufacturers value quality, but how can we choose a good LED lampshade and a good manufacturer or processing factory? In fact, we can look at the visibility and reputation of a company, and then combine the products, I believe that the quality of the LED lampshade is certainly no problem, here recommend Dongguan Quality Plastic Co., Ltd.

The replacement of the LED lampshade is relatively fast, and most of the lamps are carefully designed by the designer. For the lamp, it is not necessary to replace the lamp as a whole, and only the external lampshade of the lamp needs to be replaced. Therefore, it is a good choice to change the environment to replace the LED lampshade.

First of all, let's first understand the decorative effects brought by the different materials of the LED lampshade. The LED lampshade on the cloth surface gives a simple and elegant impression. The paper lampshade can create a dreamy and dreamy atmosphere. The metal lampshade has a kind of cold. The temperament and modernity of the tune, while the drum-shaped lampshade brings nostalgic feelings.

Secondly, according to the shape of the lamp holder, choose the LED lampshade of Dongguan. If the lamp holder is curved, then the lampshade should choose the style with some curves. If the lamp holder is flat, choose a more regular lampshade. It looks heavy and you can choose a tapered lampshade to reduce this heavy feeling.

Finally, just pay attention to the color, the white lampshade has good light penetration, and can be matched with the crystal base to create a crystal clear effect; black and color are relatively poor in light penetration. These can radiate light downwards, making the local light stronger, and can be matched with the bronze base.

After using the LED lampshade for a period of time, not only the dust is covered, but also the long-term illumination of the light causes the color to fall off. We can use these small methods to clean the lampshade at the detail to extend the life of the lampshade.

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