The use of commonly used hosts plus expansion is prone to occur due to module failure

The main function of on-site control is to use PLC to complete the detection of the status of each equipment and the collection of water level, gate position, motor current, and temperature information, and to complete the control of the equipment through the control relay in parallel and series with the original system. The protection of the system is embedded in the original system. In addition, the touch screen is used to monitor the field devices; the function of network communication is to complete the high-speed and stable transmission of data between the site and the information center, which can detect abnormalities in communication and alarm in real time; the requirements of configuration control It is convenient for the user's operation and information query, can provide data storage, archiving, and printing functions, and can set different permissions for different personnel to ensure the safety and reliability of the system, and can automatically pop up a warning box after a field failure. Designed on-site transformation scheme based on Siemens Profibus bus technology. This article will explain the implementation method in detail in conjunction with the actual project.

The selection and configuration of on-site control equipment mainly includes the determination of the control object, the selection of the control system, the interface form with the original system and the functional design of the touch screen. There are many input / output points and analog quantities required, and the working environment is humid and the insulation method of the equipment is not good. If the commonly used host and expansion module are used, it is prone to the phenomenon that the entire system cannot work normally due to module failure. . To this end, it is decided to use Siemens Pforibus-DP field bus, the host and each functional module communicate through a dedicated bus interface, and through hardware configuration, you can use GSD to hook up the required smart instruments, thereby further reducing analog modules and switches Quantity module. In order to give full play to the advantages of good openness, strong expansibility and high flexibility of the DP bus, Siemens 315-2DP type PLC host was selected in the project.

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