Typical application of SHARC processor in audio system

Traditional audio equipment is the world of analog technology. However, in recent years, this situation is changing rapidly. Due to its unique performance advantages, higher and higher cost performance, and support of simplified design tools, more and more professional audio systems, car audio, and consumer audio equipment use digital Signal processor technology.

Engineers who pay attention to professional audio products may notice a phenomenon: the floating-point DSP representative product SHARC processor is favored by more and more engineers and enterprises. From 2008 to 2009, there are several well-known in the industry. Enterprises choose SHARC processors in their audio products-PreSonus' StudioLive digital audio mixer and multi-channel recording system, Damage Control's electric guitar, FUJITSU TEN's car audio system ... Such application cases have been rapid in recent years Increase, Table 1 lists several typical application cases of SHARC processors.

In fact, this list can be very long if it is not limited by space. Why is the SHARC processor favored? The explanation from the industry is because the SHARC processor is becoming the “fact standard” for mid- to high-end audio applications. This article will select several application cases, analyze and discuss the design considerations behind the selection of SHARC processors from the perspective of application design.

Table 1: List of selected cases of SHARC processors in audio applications in recent years.

Top audio system design case analysis

1. Excellent car audio system selection SHARC

In the Audi A5 Coupé's in-car entertainment system, the designers also chose ADI's Blackfin and SHARC processors to redefine the luxury car entertainment experience through a variety of signal processing technologies. Among them, the ADSP-21362 processor was selected as the basis of the B & O surround sound amplifier because of its high performance, rich audio feature combination and good reputation in the audio market. The SHARC processor implements a filtering algorithm that optimizes audio and adapts to the echo of the car body to maximize the sound quality.

Fujitsu Ten, known for designing and producing high-quality audio equipment, also chose the floating-point SHARC processor ADSP-21364 as a digital signal processing engine to enhance the performance of its audio amplifiers. Provide high-performance output, advanced sound equalization and superior sound quality for audio equipment in the car cab environment. Among the many options, Fujitsu Ten has a special preference for floating-point SHARC processors. The design of Fujitsu Ten's SHARC processor is briefly described below.

The outstanding core performance of the SHARC processor, flexible connection options, and integrated audio-specific peripherals enable Fujitsu Ten to overcome the challenging constraints of the car cab and provide an unmatched car audio experience with traditional original car amplifiers . Using high-performance SHARC DSP architecture to achieve its leading "sound space control technology", Fujitsu Ten's power audio amplifier has established its industry leading position with advanced sound equalization capabilities and sound processing capabilities that generate perfect sound quality.

The SHARC processor gives Fujitsu Ten the ability to reduce sound reflections in the cab and cancel each other through real-time signal processing, thereby compensating for various sound reflection effects and improving overall sound quality. In addition, the SHARC processor gives Fujitsu Ten the ability to compensate for speaker sound constraints, including speaker frequency response and cab speaker installation challenges, thereby enhancing the surround sound effect at various spatial locations within the cab. Relying on these advanced features, Fujitsu Ten ’s SHARC processor-based power audio amplifier provides car manufacturers with a flexible high-quality audio amplifier platform that can be seamlessly integrated into almost any vehicle to provide users with what they Expect rich listening experience.

ADI's floating-point SHARC processor is recognized as the gold standard for high-quality audio processing. The processor's high-performance digital signal processing (333 MHz / 2 GFLOPS) gives Fujitsu Ten's sound space control technology the ability to produce clarity and sound effects comparable to high-quality home audio equipment. The SHARC processor also enables Fujitsu Ten to implement the finite impulse response (FIR) filter required for dynamic sound adjustment.

In addition to providing the intensive computing power required by Fujitsu Ten audio power amplifiers, the SHARC processor integrates large memory arrays and advanced on-chip peripherals into a single converged architecture, which simplifies product development and shortens time to market. The integrated 8-channel asynchronous sample rate converter of the ADSP-21364 processor is a key component of Fujitsu Ten's sound space control technology, which helps Fujitsu Ten reduce the BOM cost and the size of the audio amplifier. The on-board sample rate converter not only achieves high-intensity audio signal conversion, but also reduces the performance delay usually caused by external peripherals.

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