AUO Kunshan 8.5 generation plant has no new progress

China Star TCL Group and South Korea's Samsung cooperation with Huaxing Optoelectronics, BOE, etc. have vigorously expanded the 8.5-generation production line, and built a 8.5-generation production line in the mainland. The new production capacity is expected to be opened from the end of the year to the beginning of next year.

In response to the mainland's view of building an 8.5-generation plant, AUO Chairman Li Yongyao said that he is not worried. He said that the Taiwan factory is committed to product differentiation and still has competitiveness. After two years of sluggishness, everyone is very rational.

Regarding the argument that the mainland may raise the tariff on the panel, Li Zhaoyao suggested that the government can negotiate with the mainland and hope to reduce the panel tariffs or zero tariffs, and not let the panel industry become "deprived." In addition, AUO also confirmed that the mainland Kunshan 8.5-generation plant is still completing the civil engineering phase and there is no new progress.

It is understood that according to the contract, if the plant does not start construction next year, it will face the dilemma of the land resumption of the 8.5-generation plant land by the land; the main reason for the construction of the plant is to point to Taiwan’s fourth wave of loose land, and no progress, plus AUO’s profit. Seeing the improvement, the funds have not been in place.

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