New LED street light installation test power consumption is only 44% of high pressure sodium lamps

In recent years, LED street lamps have been regarded as the main source of choice for street lamps. However, in some areas, practical problems such as short life and high cost have also appeared. In order to more rationally configure the urban lighting system, the Tianjin Cityscape Garden Committee and the City Electric Power Company Street Light Department and the three companies cooperated in the pilot installation and testing of urban road LED street lighting energy saving in Huaming Town, Dongli District. Choose the most energy efficient, low cost, high efficiency lighting materials.
The installation and testing of LED street lights was organized by the Municipal Garden and Landscape Committee. The three companies signed installation contracts with the street lamps of the Municipal Power Company and signed a test contract with the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute to ensure that the entire process of the installation and testing was scientific and rigorous. The procedures are standardized, fair and equitable, safe and smooth. According to the manufacturer's introduction, the LED street lamp tested this time has a longer service life and better color rendering than the conventional light source. Especially in terms of energy saving and environmental protection, the power consumption of LED street lamps is only 44% of high-pressure sodium lamps, and the power saving rate is over 50%. If the late-night illuminance control function is used, the power saving rate can reach 70%.

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