Zhouming Technology's small-pitch LED products break through the low-light and high-gray threshold

Recently, Shenzhen Zhouming Technology has launched a new high-definition small-pitch UTV2.5 series LED products, and began to hold a national tour of small-pitch products.

The biggest highlight of the UTV series launched by Chau Ming is “low light and high gray”. At the product briefing session of Zhouming, Shanghai Station, Zhou Ming technicians demonstrated the display effect under different brightness conditions. When the brightness of the display is reduced to 30% of the original brightness, there is almost no loss in the gray level of the display screen; when the brightness is reduced to 20% or even 15%, the gradation loss is small and the display is still clearly visible.

In addition to the breakthrough in the field of low-light and high-ash technology, UTV series products have performed well in terms of refresh rate and contrast. The refresh rate of 3200Hz, this number exceeds the refresh rate of DLP and LCD display (the refresh rate of the latter two is only about 120Hz). Contrast 5000:1 can display excellent blackness under the black screen, and it is also the leader of its kind.

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