China's first large-screen OLED is coming?

China's first large-screen OLED is coming? January 7 news, reporters recently in Shanghai Nanjing Road pedestrian street occasionally saw a huge advertising Hisense TV, "2013 better-looking TV? Hisense U-LED", TV thin like a flap, resembles OLED TV , coupled with U-LED naming people not only guess their OLED identity.

The reporter telephoned Hisense for confirmation and an engineer of Hisense introduced that the product is a 65-inch new LED product newly developed by Hisense. Hisense developed a display technology and its key indicators such as contrast, color gamut, and response time were compared. Ordinary LED TVs have been greatly improved, and the image quality can be comparable to OLED products. However, from the principle, OLEDs are still two different types of products. This product will be officially released at the CES show on January 8th, US time, and we will deliver product information for the first time.

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