Fun and durable LED luminaires that produce bubbles

Nowadays, luminaires are no longer just tools for lighting, and sometimes have the effect of regulating the atmosphere. The dozens of lights in large concerts harmonize the enthusiasm of the audience is the best example. The bubble lamp to be introduced below does not have the warmth of concert lighting. On the contrary, its dim light is more suitable for use in a quiet environment.
It is reported that the bubble lamp is composed of an LED lamp and a special bubble generating device. After the bubble is generated, a lampshade is formed, so that the illumination range of the LED lamp on the bubble becomes larger, and after the bubble is broken, the LED It is very interesting that the range of illumination of the lamp is restored to its original state and then repeated like this.
At the same time, its bubble generator can create about 3 million bubbles, users only need to add a small amount of water to the lamp when the bubble does not come out to continue watching the foaming process of the lamp. In addition, if the user calculates the average time from the occurrence of each bubble to the rupture, the total time the luminaire generates the bubble is longer than the LED lamp with a built-in lifetime of tens of thousands of hours, and the user hardly has to worry about the LED being lit instead of The bubble out happens.

Food Processor 15 In 1

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Plastic jar food processor 15 in 1

Food Processor 15 In 1

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