GE Lighting Provides Quality, Energy-Efficient LED Road Lighting for Whanganui Bridge

Recently, GE Lighting updated the traditional lighting system for the local Whanganui Bridge. In order to improve the lighting conditions of the main road of Whanganui Bridge, New Zealand local lighting design company Evolve NZ uses GE Lighting's 80W R150 LED products. This reform saved the Whanganui City Council up to NZ$9,000 (RMB46620) in electricity and maintenance.

It is reported that each LED lamp of GE Lighting has only 80 watts of power, which saves 52% of energy consumption compared with the original sodium lamp. New lighting can directly illuminate areas that require light while reducing glare to less than 5%. Therefore, the use of new lighting products will not cause light leakage above, thus reducing waste.

According to Evolve NZ, the updated lighting configuration that restores natural light gives people a safer feel. The white LED light makes the night space more modern and dynamic, and more clearly sees the real living environment.

The Chairman of the Whanganui City Council Infrastructure and Assets Committee said that the Whanganui City Council will gradually adopt LED light sources instead of traditional lighting products until the traditional lighting is completely replaced.

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