Japanese thin LED waterproof light leads the industry

Japanese machine trading company is leading the industry in the application of LED lights to machine tools and special machines. Recently, it successfully developed a new type of "thin LED waterproof light". It adopts Japanese technology and the latest energy-saving LED bulbs . It has excellent quality and is only received in one year. The attention of the majority of machinery manufacturers, and sold to Japan by its own brand "NIKKI", with a monthly capacity of 2,000, continues to maintain the leading position of professional LED lighting for machine tools.
Mr. Murata, general manager of Nikko Trading Co., said that the new "thin LED waterproof lamp" breaks through the traditional standard tube shape, which takes up a small space. In the processing path, the bed can be moved to the left or right, and the body is made of aluminum. The surface is tempered glass. In Japan, most of the tool machine factories have fully introduced LED work lights. Under the continuous fever of energy saving and carbon reduction, the use of LED lights in domestic machine tools and special machines has become a trend. Recently, many tool machine manufacturers have adopted them after testing.
The company understands how to solve the energy-saving and environmental protection needs of lighting with new technologies and new concepts. It masters the key technologies of power supply systems and uses Hi-power LED bulbs to save power, high brightness and long life of 40,000 hours without light decay. Problem, waterproof and dustproof, waterproof grade IP67, and more than 20 years of professional experience team, all products from the development, manufacturing, assembly consistently produced in Taiwan, especially suitable for the operation of the CNC machine lathe lighting , grinding machines, grinding machines and industrial machinery.
In addition, the Japanese trading company also provides components such as waterproof fluorescent lamps, halogen spotlights, adjustable cooling hoses, and cutting fluid spray heads.

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