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Audio fever is first and foremost in fact rationality, but if rationality becomes over-rational, there may be a situation of extreme inversion. This is the "overkill" we should avoid. To properly and rationally look at the problem, perhaps we can first take a calm look at some classic articles of the old generation, and ask our own hearts, do you agree with their views? What is the basis? Is it reasonable? Rather than relying on some speculation to make random guesses, after all, audio is originally a subjective matter, and the words on the Internet are also full of impetuous breath. In this environment, we need some real reason to find ourselves A sober way of looking at things.

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Since some people in Taiwan started to write reviews of audio equipment, various nouns and adjectives related to the performance of audio equipment have been inaccurate; moreover, many nouns or adjectives have been misunderstood and misused by commentators or readers. There are many unbelievable confusions and contradictions. The reason is that the personality of the Chinese "almost Mr." can't escape the responsibility, and the domestic and foreign mixed nouns are also one of the reasons. Finally, the critics and readers fail to think deeply about the nouns and adjectives used in the equipment reviews. . Therefore, many comments can even be said to be a joke of playing word games and filling the layout. To put it bluntly, many review articles are still far from the precise and solid state they should be. Many years ago, I was suffering from the above-mentioned issues. I wrote a short article on "Ten Essentials of Audio". At that time, I only briefly explained the direction of my review of equipment. After many years of lapse, I found that "Ten Essentials" has long been unable to meet the requirements of "precision", and many review articles, including myself, are still not fully written due to laziness. Therefore, there is a more detailed sub-item in the mind for how to write and read equipment review articles. Let me, the commentators of the "Audio Forum" and readers have a clear guideline. Only in this way can the communication of text achieve the lowest distortion; and only in this way can the articles of equipment reviews be more solid, refined and meaningful. Perhaps my thinking is not comprehensive enough. The following 20 items may still have omissions or are worth discussing. However, for many years, "Audio 20 Essentials" has become the mainstream idea generally accepted by Taiwan's audio industry. This is an indisputable fact. I hope that after reading this article carefully, new readers can develop their basic ability to evaluate audio equipment accurately. In this way, you won't be fooled by many inaccurate, jumbled and ambiguous comments.

The circuit group provides the overall service equipment for a certain load source group, such as trunk line, switching device, control system, etc. The basic research content of the traffic theory is to study the relationship among the traffic volume, call loss and the capacity of the harness. Therefore, the harness is an important basic concept in the traffic theory.

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