Black Cat Box 6.18 is about to release Lynx Box to welcome new members

Some time ago, Fan Ye's generous public affair and set off a “we” body boom in the microblogging circle. Netizens began to enjoy happiness while sending out blessings. In many of the follow-up photos of “We”, a picture issued by the Lynx Box attracted everyone’s attention. Finally, after the Lynx Box 1S+ and Lynx Box 2, the new member “Black Cat” will be released on June 18.

As one of the most cost-effective brands in many TV boxes, Lynx Box has always been adhering to a low-key attitude. Equipped with a complete Alibaba family digital entertainment service platform, with the joint support of Lions Gate, Discovery, EA, Gameloft and other eco-partners, TV Taobao, game music, children's education, Lions Gate, and search are sought out. Documentary zone, video and other resources. While providing digital entertainment for users, it also made outstanding contributions to the redefinition of family happiness in the smart home market. However, in this unusual situation, the announcement of such a high-profile announcement of a new box on Weibo has sparked the curiosity of Xiao Bian. What is so special about the new member of the "Thai Cat" box in Tmall Box?

Judging from several boxes before the Tmall Box, the brand's products are superior to the network-level set-top boxes on the market in terms of hardware, performance and content. The characteristic cat's styling is more liked by female users. However, Xiao Bian remembered that in the original Lynx Box had a black box, what did it look like? Everyone feels the next.

After combining the old version of the Tmall black box, Xiao Bian often feels guilty about imagining the appearance of the new black cat box. At this stage, the official has not introduced the configuration, performance, appearance and other issues of the black cat box, and we have no way of knowing more detailed information. However, Tmall's box has always brought us many surprises in the process of gradual upgrade and improvement. I believe this will not be an exception. 6.18, Black Cat is coming, and TvHome will witness it all together.

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