novel! LED light reinforcement effect fire protection clothing can send out foreign aid information

What makes everything possible is the fabric supercapacitor module patented by Taiwan Textile Institute. The textile institute cooperates with the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Research Institute to carry out circuit research and development, so that smart clothes can be transmitted at high frequency, so that smart clothes are not only detected by heartbeat. However, it can be applied to many high-tech products such as consumer electronics, and the development space of smart clothes has become wider.

In addition to the EN469 high temperature resistance test, the fire protection clothing developed by the textile industry can be directly integrated with the fire protection clothing through the aforementioned fabric capacitor module. The yellow warning strip of the fire-fighting suit is equipped with an LED light-enhancing effect. The USB data cable is connected to the electronic device, and the smart phone is connected to it. It becomes a mobile thermal imaging device, and the life-saving device can also be carried. In addition to the heartbeat on the bio-sensing data, Body temperature, breathing, also includes falls, static detection, when the firefighters enter the fire for 15 seconds, they will directly make a sound for external assistance.

The yellow warning strip of the fire-fighting suit is equipped with LED lights. The clothes themselves are equipped with a USB data cable. When connected to a smart phone, they can have a thermal imager function.

The police vest directly equipped with a pinhole camera saves the trouble of police search. Through the setting of the video start timing, the pinhole photography will automatically start recording at the set time when the police pull the gun, reducing the police duty on duty. The trouble of the card. With smart clothes, the life safety of the police officers who are born and died is more secure.

Another "CardioCare" is a more in-depth application of smart clothing in medical applications. It can be collected through elastic fabric electrodes and a supporting knit fabric, combined with a sternum support and physiological monitoring function. The ECG and other physiological signals were transmitted to the application via Bluetooth to monitor the rehabilitation performance of patients with cardiac surgery. This achievement also won the best design of the 2014 German Red Dot Design Award and the Taiwan Golden Point Design Award of the same year.

In the combination of the most common sports function application of smart clothes, there are also some different breakthroughs. In combination with LED jackets, LED lighting will change with the intensity of exercise. Shen Ganlong, head of the system development team of Textile Products Department, also revealed that this year In the fourth quarter, the human body mechanics measurement will be published, and the smart clothing technology that relies on electrical stimulation to alleviate exercise fatigue will be published.

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