Electric Power Industry Planning Guarantee Measures and Policy Suggestions

(1) Strengthen the unified planning of the power industry and establish a scientific power management mechanism. Establish and improve the government's power planning management system, and establish a plan to report, approve and publish systems in accordance with law. Improve the research and cooperation system of power planning and rolling adjustment mechanism.

(b) Reform and improve the pre-management mechanism for power projects. Standardize pre-work procedures and implement project owners' market bidding system and project filing system.

(3) Optimize the layout of power supply structure, promote the development of green power supply and improve the ecological environment. Emphasis on hydropower migration and environmental protection work, promote the start of a batch of large and medium-sized hydropower projects as soon as possible; unify the nuclear power technology route, open nuclear power investment market; strengthen wind power unified planning, promote wind power consumption; support the promotion of wind power, solar energy and other renewable energy power generation industrialization, Improve the level of technical equipment; optimize the layout of coal and electricity and actively promote the integration of coal and electricity.

(4) Formally incorporate the smart grid into the national development strategy and give support to policies and funds, speed up the formulation and improvement of new energy, UHV grid, smart grid and other technical standards, and promote the intelligent construction of the power system.

(5) Appropriately increase the electricity price level and use economic regulation to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Strict energy conservation and emission reduction standards have been formulated, business models for energy conservation and emission reduction have been nurtured, and innovation and promotion of energy saving and emission reduction technologies have been promoted.

(6) Strengthen the building of technological innovation capabilities and promote the upgrading of power equipment and industrial technologies. Focus on the integration and effective use of industry scientific and technological resources. The introduction of major equipment demonstration project (first set) encouragement policy. We attach great importance to and actively support the basic research of power equipment.

(VII) Deepen the reform of the power system, strengthen the construction of the electricity market system, and improve the laws and regulations system.

Deluxe Rice Cooker


Deluxe Rice Cooker was one of electric type rice cooker  , but it`s the most popular type of electric rice cooker . especially famous in Southeast Asia area with its good appearances with various functions. Not only its outer shell could be customized with different demands, but also it speeding cooking  , saving times and electricity, enhancing our lifestyle


The inner pot is made of solid and durable aluminum alloy of high intensity  , such as non-stick inner pot , stainless steel inner pot and honeycomb patterned inner pot with non-stick coating.

There are some models that use stainless steel instead of aluminium  .Various other materials, such as copper, pure carbon, ceramic, and diamond powder coating, may be used for higher heat conductivity or better taste.



Multifunction , can cooking rice, soup and much more. added cooking versatility with supplied steam tray.

Some rice cookers have settings for congee, a type of rice porridge called okayu in Japanese, Juk in Korea, and zhou in Chinese.

More elaborate recipes are possible using a rice cooker, and there are cookbooks devoted entirely to dishes prepared using a rice cooker. It is possible to cook soups, stews or sponge cakes in electric rice cookers. By simply adding ingredients and setting it to "warm", a rice cooker cooks the contents at about 65 Â°C (150 Â°F). In a few hours, the stew is fully cooked and ready to eat.

Deluxe Rice Cooker

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