Ivy Bridge Pentium specification first exposure 3.0GHz take-off

Even in the 22nm Ivy Bridge era, the old guy in Pentium still won't retire. Now we know at least one model, but there is no exact name yet.

The Ivy Bridge architecture Pentium and the existing Sandy Bridge family Pentium G860 top-end Pentium G860 specifications are somewhat similar, but also dual-core dual-threaded, clocked 3.0GHz, three cache 3MB, of course, there is no dynamic acceleration. The price will also remain at 86 US dollars.

Obviously, the introduction of new technology allows Intel to have more room to play. The starting frequency of the new Pentium has already caught up with the current highest value. The specific thermal design power consumption indicator is not yet clear, but it is likely to be lower than 65W.

However, before that, Sandy Bridge Pentium will also have a new model "Pentium G870", clocked up to 3.1GHz, the remaining specifications are exactly the same as the Pentium G860, the price is still 86 US dollars, but the life expectancy will not be too long, The third quarter will be replaced by the Ivy Bridge Pentium.

As for Celeron, the Ivy Bridge family is also expected to provide it with a seat. After all, the Celeron G500 series on the entry-level market is selling very hot. The H61 will continue to serve and generally can update the BIOS to be compatible with Ivy Bridge.

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