LG Shows 18-inch Rollable OLED Display

Abstract: LG Display will demonstrate an 18-inch super-flexible OLED display panel at this year's Society for Information Display. The thickness of the display panel is only ordinary paper thickness, and can be folded into a reel with a radius of only 3 cm without affecting the display function.

LG Display’s chief technology officer, In-Byeong Kang, will highlight the product during a keynote speech on Tuesday. In-Byeong Kang’s keynote speech on Tuesday focused on the opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

Presenting a keynote speech at the International Information Display Society is one of LG Display's efforts to demonstrate the achievements of its display technology. The company demonstrated a variety of OLED TV products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held earlier this year. In May this year, it also held a special press conference for several new OLED devices in South Korea.

Among them, an OLED concept television called wallpaper appeared for the first time last month. The device weighs only 1.9 kg and is only 0.97 mm thick. The screen is 55 inches in size and can be attracted to the wall by magnets.

OLED is widely considered to be the new technology product that will detonate the display industry's next revolution. By using organic light emitting diode technology, the display can not only be extremely light and thin, but also allow a certain degree of bending and even folding. These features of OLED make this technology not only favored by TV manufacturers, but also by wearable device manufacturers and mobile device manufacturers.

Currently, companies including Samsung, LG, and Sony have all launched products based on OLED displays. However, due to the low yield rate, the overall production cost of the screen has remained high.

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