RayVio announces the creation of deep UV LED performance records

RayVio, the global leader in deep-UV LED devices and disinfection systems solutions, announces the recording of optical power performance for deep-UV LEDs. Using a unique deep-UV LED epitaxial technology, RayVio achieves a DC output of 50 mW in the deep-ultraviolet (260 to 280 nm) DC output in a single-chip 0.15 mm2 light-emitting area, creating a record of 30 W/cm2 continuous wave optical power density.

RayVio's core technology was invented by Dr. Yitao Liao, co-founder and CTO of RayVio, and Professor Theodore Moustakas, pioneer of the Blu-ray LED and solid-state lighting revolution, and received exclusive licenses from Boston University worldwide. Compared to the traditional technologies that have been tried and failed in the past 15 years with the deep UV LED industry, RayVio uses a new epitaxial approach that enables it to deliver higher optical power and lower cost than existing products in the market.

“Our new deep-UV LED technology continues to demonstrate its superiority. This allows us to extend the Haitz's law, which revolutionizes the blue and white LEDs in lighting and display, to the field of deep UV LEDs.” Yitao Liao Dr. mentioned, “Our deep-UV LED technology will work with our OEM partners to present world-class products to consumers later this year.”

RayVio is working closely with the world's top OEM customers to develop a range of innovative products using deep UV LEDs. Applications include UV curing, skin care, biomedical instruments, and surface, air and water disinfection.

“We are very excited about the high interest and enthusiasm of our customers from all industries,” said Dr. Robert C. Walker, co-founder and CEO of RayVio. “In the past few months, the world’s leading OEMs and Consumer electronics manufacturers have been evaluating our current products. At the same time, we are continuing to improve the capabilities and facilities of our Silicon Valley headquarters and work with our global supply chain partners to accelerate production to meet customer needs."

Headquartered in Hayward, Silicon Valley, California, RayVio's unique manufacturing process enables rapid expansion of capacity and cost reduction through global manufacturing integration. RayVio's cost-effective deep-UV LEDs can effectively reduce system price, complexity and shorten product market cycles for customers. This is accelerating the application of deep-UV LEDs, making it possible to apply a variety of applications that are relevant to life.

LED Panel Lights Driver

LED Panel lights, as one energy saving lights in the Daily life, has became more and more popular in the world. We've designed Led Driver for this type led lights: 12W,18W,21W,24W,36W,48W,72W,85W,95W ect.According to different application, different country's household voltage, and different environment using, we designed suitable dirvers for these different situation.

Our led panel lights driver was made out of different case: aluminum, Iron, plastic ect. With input&output terminals, easy to install, especially for Class P certifed series, esay to combine with your already certified lamps, and then saving a lot cost!


Input voltage: 100-277vac / 100-240vac / 100-130vac / 180-240vac / 100-347V

output voltage: 25-40vdc / 27-42vdc / 35-45vdc / 50-70vdc / 12Vdc / 24vdc
current: 100mA-8000mA.
Power factor: >0.9
Dimming:0-10V / PWM / RX / DALI / Traic.
>=50000hours, 3-5 years warranty.
certificate: UL CE FCC TUV SAA ect.
LED Panel lights driver


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Answer: Fahold focused on LED controllers and dimmers from 2010. We have 28 engineers who dedicated  themselves to researching and developing LED controlling and dimming system.
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Answer: Our products have been strictly inspected before shipping. Once you receive the products you are not satisfied, please feel free to contact us in time, we  will do our best to solve any of your problems with our  good after-sale service.

LED Panel Lights Driver

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