Nugget Semiconductor Lighting has launched a "factory incubation plan"

In order to promote the localization of the LED semiconductor lighting industry, recently, the company has launched a “factory incubation plan” and paid for “core lighting module + intensive supply chain + professional solutions”, tailor-made and personalized “incubation”. “Chuangfu plans to guide partners with resources and capital advantages to grasp the development opportunities of the semiconductor lighting industry, “incubate” a number of LED star factories nationwide, and help “incubation factories” to build their own brands and become their own and surrounding areas. The most competitive enterprises in the region help the local government to establish a strong industrial base and industrial cluster of LED semiconductor lighting to achieve a “three wins” for the government, enterprises and diligence.

Thick and thin, relying on strong strength

It is understood that the "factory incubation plan" is another innovative strategic development model launched after the successful implementation of the A and B plans and the "100-city thousand stores" program. With the goal of promoting the localization and emergence of strategic emerging industries, and relying on the strength of industry leaders, the company is guided by mature technology, management team and advanced operation mode to integrate superior resources and provide comprehensive services and support for partners. Solve practical problems in the development of enterprises.

"We have nearly 20 years of factory operation experience, 15 years of LED R&D application experience, 8 years of high-power LED lighting application experience and Asia's largest semiconductor lighting product R&D and production base. We have launched based on the accumulation and operation practices of LED semiconductor lighting industry for so many years. This plan.” The person in charge of the Qinshang Plant Incubation Center said that through the “factory incubation plan”, the cooperative enterprises can effectively obtain all kinds of “nutrition” needed for growth.

For a long time, Qinshang Optoelectronics has been committed to the research of applied technology. Through the integration of resources such as industry, academia, research and research institutions, capital, talents, business models, etc., it has continuously innovated and formed a three-dimensional core competitiveness. At the same time, Qinshang Optoelectronics leads the LED product application project, becoming the industry's most mature application engineering and leading technology company, laying a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the “factory incubation plan”.

Output core lighting modules to help companies build their own brands

According to the person in charge of Qinshang Optoelectronics, the “factory incubation plan” emphasizes cooperation, sharing and win-win. The essence is to “pay the diligent mode” for paid output, “incubate” a group of LED star factories, and help cooperative enterprises to establish their own brands, making them the most competitive enterprises in and around the region. It is reported that Qinshang's market share, brand awareness and reputation are among the best in the industry. It is a comprehensive application solution provider for LED outdoor lighting, LED indoor lighting, LED landscape lighting, LED rail transit lighting, medical lighting and other products. Excellent business model provider.

At the same time, through continuous upgrading of product development platform, Qinshang successfully broke through the technical problems of thermal management at the module level, realized the integration of light source and heat sink parts, modularized and standardized products, and simplified installation and maintenance of products. In the “factory incubation plan”, the cooperative enterprise can obtain the LED core lighting module at the cost price, thereby effectively improving the product performance parameters, reducing the cost and creating a high-quality independent brand.

It is understood that the core lighting module is different from the "light source module" and "light engine". It is a high-tech, high-performance product and systemized light environment solution based on different occasions. For example, the core lighting module of the street lamp, its precise light distribution design, high brightness and illumination uniformity, meet different road lighting requirements, and can match the remote control system to achieve secondary energy saving, patrol the work of street lights, in color temperature control And the environment of light environment has more unparalleled advantages.

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