Taiwan's exposed LED street light project rebate door involved in the case of manufacturers all over Taiwan

A few days ago, Taiwan’s New North District Inspection Bureau commanded the North Air Force Division to be divided into 25 roads, and investigated the case of Hualien and New Taipei City to cooperate with the “LED Small Street Light Project”. The interview included 35 assistants, township chiefs and manufacturers. People; the involved companies involved in the cooperation throughout the Taiwan.

The interviewed included Gao Wenbin, an assistant to a Kuomintang legislator, Xu Rongsheng, head of Ruisui Township, Hualien County, Taiwan, and Su Lianjin, Wanrong Township, and the former head of the township of Xinba City, Chen Qinghai, and Yang Qiming, chairman of the township congress. With the subsidy subsidy "LED small street light project", more than 50% rebate will be charged from it.

Eight Hualien "civil servants", such as Xu Rongsheng and Su Lianjin, were transferred to the Hualien District Inspection Office in Taiwan on the basis of corruption; the remaining suspects were transferred to the New North Inspection and interrogated in the middle of the night.

Taiwan’s New North District Procuratorate received a report more than a year ago, referring to Xinyuansheng Technology Co., Ltd. in order to expand its customer base, many years ago, Wu’s hackers and local representatives expressed “on the line” and asked the people to use Taiwan’s “central” or “local”. In the name of the subsidy, the “local government” will be provided to purchase LED street lights, and the township mayor will receive rebates for profit.

After checking and searching for the year, I found that Guangchun Lighting and Yangli Kedian, which produce LED lamps, are also linked to the people's and civil servants in the same way.

The prosecution pointed out that Yang Qiming, the chairman of the former Ba Lixiang Representation Committee, allocated funds for the improvement of LED street lights in the Bali Township Office in 2010. The acting head of the township, Chen Qinghai, cooperated with the selection of specific manufacturers to promote more than nine million yuan (in new Taiwan dollars). The same) small street lighting project, and then proportionally allocated 50% rebate.

Taiwan’s Hualien Ruisui Township and Wanrong Township were also “infiltrated” by hackers, and the township heads and public opinion representatives hanged on hooks, allowing specific manufacturers to win more than five million yuan. The inspection also found that Gao Wenbin, an assistant to the legislator, applied for the subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In private, the manufacturer and the hacker cooperated to earn kickbacks, but the high denial was illegal.

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