Five trends in the 2013 LED show

[Source: LED Engineering magazine's "LED lighting channel" 2013 the third period (total of 39) reporter / Zhou Jianhua]

Casting brand and craving for investment

"The list of this exhibition compared with last year, the lighting brand has changed no less than 40%, between the increase and decrease, see the fierce shuffle." An industry insider in the "2013 9th Guangzhou International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA 2013 ) "The scene told reporters. The reporter also found out the list of exhibitors last year and this year's comparison, and found that the names and quantity of exhibitors in Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Zhuhai have changed greatly. The only trend is that the number has increased. It can be said that everyone pays more attention to the brand image and exposure. "At least let the business know that it is still alive or alive," the source added.

According to the data show of the Higher Industrial Research Institute (GLII), the scale of China's LED application industry reached 159 billion yuan in 2012, a year-on-year increase of 37%. LED applications have become the fastest growing segment of the upstream, midstream and downstream industries. At present, the number of LED application companies in China exceeds 10,000, of which more than 75% of traditional lighting companies have begun to involve the production of LED lighting products. GLII expects that this proportion will increase to around 90% in 2013.

For example, this year's Guangzhou International LED Exhibition, LED display manufacturers only more than 200, and LED lighting companies reached more than 800, the latter close to the number of exhibitors throughout the exhibition last year.

At the exhibition site, the reporter found that whether it is a traditional lighting company with many years of independent channels, or LED and even export companies, the theme of “recruiting domestic excellent distributors” is placed in the most conspicuous position. “Brand influence and channel penetration complement each other, and the channel war will only become more and more intense in 2013.” Cai Guangchun, general manager of Yongkang Optoelectronics, told reporters.

Extended product line

“Last year we planned to extend the product line to indoor lighting. This exhibition is also one of the promotional opportunities.” Wang Qiaoli, chairman of Shenzhen Sansheng Technology Co., Ltd. introduced a series of new spotlights and panel lights. The reporter found at the exhibition that many companies that originally focused on the display of the middle and upper reaches or related industries have extended their product lines to the application fields, especially with LED indoor business photos and some home-made products.

According to industry analysts, benefiting from a series of industrial support policies, China's LED lighting industry has a huge potential market. Among them, the application of LED lighting in commercial lighting is from the early functional lighting, gradually to the main lighting application, because the high turnover rate of commercial lighting, long-term use, LED lighting penetration rate and market size growth, 2012 LED The penetration rate of lighting in the commercial lighting market has reached 15%.

Residential is the largest application market for global lighting. LED lighting is the fastest way to cut into the residential lighting market and replace traditional light bulbs. However, due to the high sensitivity of consumers to prices, according to incomplete statistics, the penetration of LED lighting in the residential lighting market in 2012 The rate is about 13%, and there will be a big increase in 2013.

“The company has extended from the middle and upper reaches to the downstream application, but the high-power packaging and optical lighting solutions are still our core competitiveness.” Liu Qing, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Yangguang Electronics, said that many companies are “old”. It is very dangerous to do so without profit or without market competitiveness.

The price is more smoke

60 beads of SMD lamps with 10 yuan per meter, 6 watts of power bulbs and 15 yuan, etc. "clear price" at the exhibition even if the area of ​​tens of square meters of booth is not uncommon. “The price of smoke is stronger than last year,” said Tan Jian, general manager of Laiwei Optoelectronics. “The price of LED lamps continues to decline, shortening the price gap between LED lighting products and traditional lighting products, making LED lighting products more accessible to consumers. Acceptance has effectively promoted the popularity of LED lighting. The LED application field is more and more extensive, and the penetration rate will be rapidly improved."

According to the high-tech LED industry research data display (GLII), in 2012 China's LED fluorescent tube, LED bulb, LED panel light, LED downlight and other indoor lighting products, the overall light efficiency increased by 18.7% in 2012, the average price is The trend of a 23% decline, while the price/performance ratio continues to increase, will continue in 2013.

Taking the same type of LED panel light as an example, the 12W 300×300 (mm) can be sold to about 260 yuan in 2010, and the remaining 160 yuan in 2011, and dropped to 100 yuan at the end of 2012. "The price war should also be seen from two aspects. One is to accelerate the terminal penetration, the other is to promote the scale effect, and the cost is naturally reduced." Zhang Hu, deputy general manager of Zhuhai Satellite Lighting, this year, the price war will still be fierce, but After the brand and scale effects come out, the pattern will be relatively stable, which is conducive to the further development of the company's channels.

Adhere to single product cut

At the LED exhibition, many companies have become more clear this year: returning to manufacturing, cutting branches, positioning products that they can control and mass production, and willingly retreat from the front.

"We just want to achieve the ultimate T5/T8. At present, all the accessories of the lamp are produced by ourselves, forming a single product industry chain, and the scale and efficiency are all coming up. There are no fewer than 20 companies in this exhibition. Our OEM Customer.” Huang Gege, manager of Shenzhen Quanhai Lighting Marketing Department, has his own understanding of the single product strategy.

In the past, new LED companies were not familiar with the terminal market demand because of the inaccurate positioning of the product line, and in order to support the image of the terminal store and the flagship store at the headquarters, many LED companies have a bit of “swelling face and fat” on the extension of the product line.

"Over two years since its establishment, it has accumulated almost 2,000 LED commercial products." A person in charge of LED companies with an investment of several million yuan in the previous period admitted that if the channel of the original store was established, this is a gratifying number. And now this is a pity review.

For the product line that extends a wide range of household and commercial products, even the domestic “packaged big” Mulinsen shares are currently taking a cautious attitude. Lin Jiliang, deputy general manager, said: "We are more willing to provide high-quality light sources and cost-effective packaging services for mid- to high-end applications companies, because the time is too much to get involved in home or decorate LED products."

Of course, this kind of enterprise that is doing subtraction and gradually adjusting its mentality to LED "single product champion" will not easily give up the gradual extension of the product line and the chronic penetration of channels.

"We will take advantage of the completion of the new industrial park, and will fully enter the LED commercial lighting, and open five LED experience centers in the country. The product line can be improved and the channel development can be slow, but we must not do it." Manager Li Xiaoping said to the senior engineer. Previously, it has been deposited for 8 years in LED decorative lighting, and it is well-known in both the product and the strength industry.

Low cost innovation

At this exhibition, the refined pursuit of products has made considerable progress. The typical representative is the flat light and the spotlight. The typical flat light product represents the ultra-thin flat light of Zhuhai's flat-panel lighting. Side lighting + light guide plate technology, the overall effect of the product is quite excellent.

In addition to the above mentioned flat panel lights will replace the traditional grille lights, many companies that mainly engage in spotlights will also replace the traditional "light shell + light source" mode in about one year. Even some companies have demonstrated a power-free lighting product solution. This kind of flat-source lighting product is not only due to the greatly improved visual enjoyment, but also its civilian price can completely save incandescent bulbs and save energy in a short period of time. Fluorescence drives out of the lamp, which will also largely crowd out the market for LED bulbs.

Even with products that look like a single shape like LED desk lamps, companies are looking for ways to add new processes, new materials, and new features to increase the value of viewing and experiencing differences. "We have developed a new series of LED desk lamps such as multimedia, fiber optics, magnetic levitation, etc., and opened the LED table lamp market with the marketing strategy of consumer electronics." Jing Yantian, CEO of Shenzhen Diwo Optoelectronics, introduced how to avoid homogenization in new products. Injecting new elements is a breakthrough in the 2013 LED brand.

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