The future development trend of light guide lighting

The future development trend of light guide lighting Faced with the human population crisis in the world, such as dramatic population growth, severe land reduction, frequent natural disasters, greenhouse effects, and depletion of freshwater resources, humankind has to understand that “we only have one earth”. The 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development clearly stated that humanity should take the path of sustainable development in order to realize the harmonious coexistence between human development and nature. The concept of "sustainable development" has not only opened a new chapter in human development, but has also brought about profound changes in all areas and levels of human society. “Architecture” has become an ancient industry, and it is increasingly showing its vitality in the global trend of sustainable development.

In today's society, whether it is official or personal, more and more attention is paid to the protection of the environment. People in daily life except for clothing, food and living, the most commonly used is the lighting equipment, people are also spending a lot of energy on lighting equipment, from incandescent lamps to energy-saving lamps, and then to the latest type of lighting without electric lighting. Many people are relatively unfamiliar with electroless lighting. How to make light without electricity? In fact, it is only necessary to guide outdoor light into the room. This is the light pipe system.

The light pipe system is a light guide tube made of a new type of material reflective material, connecting the indoor and outdoor, collecting light from the outside, and then reflecting into the room through the light guide tube for illumination. The light pipe completely uses the outdoor light for illumination, does not require any power consumption, and truly does not have electric lighting.

Many people are skeptical about the brightness of the light pipe and believe that effective lighting can only be done when the sun is good. In fact, otherwise, in fact, even in the absence of the sun, we usually have the key to the outdoors as very bright, and the role of the light pipe is not just to collect sunlight for lighting, but refract all the outdoor light. And because it is made of the material of the special envoy, the loss of light during the refraction process does not occur, and it can basically be said to be the same brightness as the outdoor.

The light guide lighting system can completely replace the traditional lighting methods such as sunroofs, daylighting masks, lighting tapes, etc., and solve the building lighting requirements that were previously unachievable. It is widely used in underground parking garages, urban sinking tunnels, villa clubs and industrial plants, and stadiums. The exhibition center and other large-scale venues that need lighting during the day.

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