There are three "lags" in LED industry development

In the past ten years, China's semiconductor lighting development has achieved remarkable results, especially in the application of the world in the forefront, it is not easy. However, there are still needs to accelerate the pace of development in the following areas:

First, there are a large number of companies, but the overall competitiveness is weak. In terms of individual companies, the scale is relatively small. Compared with the global leading enterprises, there is still a big gap. Second, there is a lack of internationally recognized brands and they are recognized in the international market. The degree is not high, and the quality of products varies from company to company. Some companies fall into the curse of sacrificing costs, taking orders, and sacrificing quality and ensuring costs. It is difficult to sustain development. Third, on the whole, standard formulation and testing methods lag behind the development of product applications. The level and progress of product development lag behind market demand. The construction of public technology and exchange platforms lags behind the demand for industrial R&D. Support policies, development plans and service systems lag behind the entire Industrial Development.

It is still necessary for the government to provide strong support and guidance for the industry from the semiconductor lighting manufacturing and application of large countries to a strong country. The first is to continue to increase investment in basic research and development and common technology. It solves common key technologies such as optical, electrical, thermal, mechanical, software, and intelligent control systems that are urgently needed by the industry, develops low-cost, high-reliability system integration technologies, and standardized and standardized application products, and develops intelligent lighting control systems.

The second is to support a real breakthrough in the institutional framework. With the strong support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Key Laboratory of Joint Innovation led by the National Semiconductor Lighting Alliance is built around the industrial technology innovation chain, through contractual means, the combination of resource ownership and use rights, and the input methods of industry participation. , Centralized and distributed operation methods, and the establishment of an open and internationalized public R&D platform for institutional innovation. This type of barrier that breaks through the traditional Chinese industrial structure, abandon the ambiguity of the resource mix, jumped out of the habit of thinking, and embraced the global high-end talent for my use, it is worth promoting and promoting.

Third, we must give strong support in standard formulation and testing methods. The traditional industry is the first product, followed by the standard; the high-tech industry is the first product after the standard specification; and the semiconductor lighting industry is characterized by the product and the standard specification side by side. Moreover, the standard specification is developed, rather than “formulated”, and it needs to reflect scientificity, versatility, and operability in order to be accepted by the global industry. With such "public goods" in the industry, it is very difficult for one or a few enterprises to exert great efforts to invest in research, which requires the strong support of the government. For example, the US Department of Energy has the ability to formulate certain LED standards to support a loose organization of semiconductor lighting, with a special grant of US$26 million. Once it has occupied the commanding heights of standards and regulations, it will have a leading role in the global industry as a whole.

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